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Psychedelic Christianity

It is because I have had several profound psychedelic experiences that I hold open the possibilities that we have already attained the ultimate goal, that there may be more than one, and that there is and always will be another one coming. And Christianity, more than any other philosophy or religion that I know about, encourages me in the faith that these are not mere possibilities but are in fact the way things are. Psychedelic Christianity is the religion of those who acknowledge that psychedelic experience is a way of learning how to be in the right relationship with God.

The Institute for the Advancement of Psychedelic Christianity

The IAPC is an organizational body whose purpose is to advance the cause of psychedelic Christianity by informing the public of the existence of this way of thinking about Christianity. It is not a church. We encourage people to join whatever church they believe tells the most truth. We do not endorse any political parties, candidates, or positions. We encourage people to lighten up about politics, to treat politics more like a sport and less like a religion, on the grounds that worldly politics will never lead to the kingdom of heaven.

Jack Call, Janitor and President