Does life end in nothingness? No, it does not.

Does life end in nothingness? No, it does not, neither objectively nor subjectively.

Consider a leaf on a tree. The leaf dies and falls off, dries up, disintegrates, is consumed. Is it as if that leaf never was? No, because if the death of each leaf were to mean that it made no difference whether that leaf had ever existed, then it would have to be as if the tree itself had never existed, since the tree could not have lived and grown without its leaves. Each leaf made its own contribution to the life of the tree. And if the tree had never existed, then the objective truth about the world and its history would have been different. Similarly, each person’s existence goes on making an objective difference whether he or she is alive or dead.

And there is no reason to believe a subject of experience can ever permanently lose consciousness. From one’s own first-person point of view, nothingness is inconceivable. And there is certainly no argument based on experience that makes it probable that one will lose consciousness never to regain it.

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